Obama's Hidden Motive
...The Untold Story

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The book was eye opening and very informative. It's important for everyone to read this book so they understand where their privacy actually stands. You think you have these rights but you really don't! I couldn't stop thinking about it, it's a whole new understanding.

-Anonymous User| Florida

Thank you so much Jim! Thank you for responding to my email. Thank you for the tools you have given my family. I am telling everyone I know about the American Privacy Disaster! God Bless!

-Anonymous User| Utah

I was pretty amazed on the information that was covered in the book. I couldn't believe society is living without knowing all this info about their government!

-Anonymous User, Oregon

The whole time reading the book I kept getting angry at our government. I couldn't believe our rights and freedom were getting literally stolen away from us.

-Anonymous User, California

Love everything that you covered in the book. It has opened my eyes to alot of things I was just completely unaware of. Thanks J!

-Anonymous User, New Jersey

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